#29 The fight for justice with Bill Browder

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Bill BROWDER – and the FIGHT for justice

This is a special episode of Podcast 72, the Swedish podcast dealing with issues like security, defense and crisis management, about the Magnitskij Act. This is a legislation which is now in place in US, UK, Canada, Estonia and Lithuania. A legislation that allows government to freeze the assets of international human rights violators and/or to stop them entering the country.

And the guest is Bill Browder, who was in Sweden lobbying for the reform.  He is also the author of the book ”Red Notice: A true story of high Finance, murder and one man´s fight for justice”.

The conversation was held in just hour before Bill Browder gave the 2017 Ohlin lecture at the liberal think thank Bertil Ohlin Institute in Sweden.

Some quotes from the conversation:

Sergej Magnitskij was put om trial three years after they killed him. It was the first trial against a dead man in Russian history. It kind of shows how rattled Putin was to take such a drastic step.”

I realized we had come across a very good policy, the more extreme the reaction, the more absurd the reaction. The more Putin showed his cards, the more we knew we were on to something really, really solid. And it has been proven true that the probably the singel most foreign policy priority is the remove the Magnitskij act.”

Putin got some of the money from that 238 millions dollar, not directly to his own bank account but the account of a man called Sergej Roldugin who is a famous Russian cellist.”

Summary in Swedish published as an editorial for HelaHälsingland & Östersunds-posten. 

Summary in English published as an web-extra editorial for HelaHälsingland & Östersunds-posten.