#16 Security in the Baltic Sea – a podcast with Edward Lucas

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Edward Lucas

This podcast has a very short introduction in Swedish, but then follows the actual conversation with mr Edward Lucas, senior editor at the Economist and senior Vice President at Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) in Washington D.C.

The conversation starts at 00:45 if you would like to skip the Swedish introduction.

Some of the points made by mr Lucas:

We face an unpredictable Russia and are moving into a messy situation.

Germany is a huge target for Russian propaganda, and should be considered as a front line state.

Nordic-Baltic-Poland 9 have larger GDP than Russia and half of Russia´s defence spending. They could coordinate their security better, but current Polish government is right now the weakest point.

West should counter Russia´s snap exercises with their own in non-military side, such as a financial snap exercise where Russia do not have any answers.

If Putin´s Russia manage to create the European future Putin envisage the losers would mainly be the Baltic and Nordic countries.


For international listeners: Podd72 is a Swedish podcast covering security, defence policies, information warfare, crisis management and preparedness with Swedish as well as international guests. It is produced by MittMedia AB, Sweden´s largest Newspaper group of regional papers and the producer is Patrik Oksanen, editorial writer with focus on security and international relations. 

One of the seminars that mr Lucas participated in during the Almedalen Week (a Swedish festival for politics) was arranged by Försvarspolitisk Arena (Arena for Defence & Security) and can be viewed below. It is also this seminar that is mentioned in the podcast.

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